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As one of the most valuable resources in the world, steel is used for countless projects across the United States and is particularly important for large industrial cities that are growing all the time. As the third largest producer of steel in the entire world, according to the World Steel Association, this list can be extremely valuable for helping businesses and service providers find new clients.

The List of Steel Businesses  in USA has finally been developed and is available now. This comprehensive list is actually a database that contains accurate contact information for 121,826 Steel Businesses located in the United States of America. The database contains information for Steel Businesses in every U.S. state and is much more than a simple list of phone numbers.

The table below gives a full breakdown of businesses for Steel Businesses in each State and Zipcode.

Categories Categories Count State State Count
Base Metals 256 Blank 0
Buildings-Metal-Wholesale & Manufacturers 156 AK 106
Carbide Metals & Products 33 AL 2332
Castings-Non-Ferrous Metals 144 AR 1086
Etched Products-Metal 256 AZ 2258
Iron 374 CA 15939
Iron Ornamental Work-Supplies 660 CO 2469
Iron Work 4799 CT 1574
Metal 864 DC 25
Metal & Plastic 263 DE 112
Metal Buildings 6585 FL 8131
Metal Cleaning 63 GA 2860
Metal Cutting 596 HI 187
Metal Cutting Machines 232 IA 1116
Metal Detecting Equipment 208 ID 570
Metal Doors 1595 IL 5696
Metal Finishers 1605 IN 3015
Metal Finishers Equipment & Supplies 143 KS 1009
Metal Forming Machinery 119 KY 1321
Metal Heat Treating 182 LA 1898
Metal Rolling & Forming 356 MA 2332
Metal Specialties 4879 MD 1283
Metal Spinning 54 ME 159
Metal Stamping 812 MI 4334
Metal Tanks 1983 MN 2224
Metal Tubing 1942 MO 2379
Metal Windows 884 MS 657
Metallizing 98 MT 280
Metallurgical Engineers 44 NC 3345
Metallurgical Labs 15 ND 232
Metallurgists 22 NE 761
Metals 5701 NH 431
Metals-Corrugated 58 NJ 3201
Metal-Wholesale & Manufacturers 10684 NM 581
Ornamental Metal Work 4295 NV 716
Precious Metals 1140 NY 5407
Pre-Coated Metals 62 OH 5589
Scrap Metals 8556 OK 1576
Scrap Metals-Wholesale 2239 OR 1908
Sheet Metal Equipment & Supplies 415 PA 5974
Sheet Metal Fabricators 8940 RI 259
Sheet Metal Work 10581 SC 1351
Sheet Metal Work-Manufacturers 1568 SD 192
Smelters & Refiners-Precious Metals 2052 TN 2249
Steel & Brass Stamps 21 TX 11569
Steel Bar 481 UT 1422
Steel Detailers Structural 1866 VA 1441
Steel Distributors & Warehouses 6406 VT 58
Steel Erectors 7044 WA 2580
Steel Fabricators 11898 WI 2898
Steel Joists 33 WV 210
Steel Mills 2816 WY 105
Steel Processing 4543    
Steel Used 205    
Emails Count 67466    
Emails Missing 54360    
Phone Count 121762    
Geo_coordinates Count 62975    
Website Count 80504    
Address Count 116826    
Years_in_business Count 121826    


The Columns of data included are as follows.

Business name
Additional phones
Additional sites
Zip code
Geo coordinates
Years in business
Areas Serviced
BBB rating

This is our current Steel Businesses List as of July 2021. It is based on the accuracy of public records like phone and web directories, so if the source of the data is up to date, so is ours. 

 We will guarantee the accuracy of this information. We work very hard to keep up with public records in order to maintain up to date information in our database. Accuracy is subject to the accuracy of our sources. We are very careful in selecting the sources for our information, however, leaving us very confident that we are providing you with the most accurate data available.

We will not send you a physical copy of this product. Once you complete your purchase and we receive your payment, we will send you an email. This email will contain your invoice, as well as a link to download the Excel file. If you have made your payment and still haven't received an email from us, please check your Junk Folder before contacting us. We are more than happy to resend the email if for any reason it does not go through. Adding us to your contact list will help ensure that we are not deleted by your Spam filter.

Please do keep Anti-Spam Laws in mind when using this product. Sending bulk emails without the consent of business owners can result in you incurring fines. 


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    very good and very convenient

    Posted by Robert Bender on 14th Jun 2022

    This list is very good and very convenient for people who are starting a new business. Well done!

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    Posted by unknown on 14th Sep 2014

    We got the Steel Businesses to target business leads around New York. Thanks.