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List of Businesses in USA - Free Sample

Find The Businesses In The United States

This is our current List as of January 2017 and has 9,544,475 businesses total.

We supply the most comprehensive list of Businesses in United States. However, we have also provided some links as an alternative to our database of Businesses.

For the free and up to date list from Allpages - United States Businesses.

This Businesses list is from Custom List as a paid alternative - Visit Site

egov.sos.state is another provider that provides directory for all Businesses in USA

“Discover How You Can Easily Find And Reach Any US Business You Need and Even Get A Free Sample List To Test!”

Your Chance to Build Relationships With More Clients When You Use This Great Tool To Easily Find and Connect With More Businesses … 

The Hard Truth

I know you’re busy but listen, here’s a hard truth I’m sure you know already: your direct marketing is only as good as the mailing list it's based on. Without a quality list of target prospects, response rates and ROI will suffer. Maybe you have already suffered this?

Because I also know that you’re searching for ways to get in touch with more businesses, and because I know that you do your homework, I’m here to lesson your suffering and make the process easier for you. In efforts to not waste your time, please let me be straightforward.


I represent a huge database of lists and am offering you access to them at an incredible rate! Our List of US Businesses is a database made up of business contact details across all States of the USA available for use as a marketing list, mailing list, research, telemarketing and various other uses.

The Benefits Of Using Our Lists Include:

  • Your Convenience- Our Priority, we know you’ve got lots to do and are here to help!
  • An Up-to-Date List- We know that a list is no good if its contact information is out-of-date. We strive to give you a quality list to make your marketing dollars as effective as possible!
  • A Low Cost- We offer a flat rate for our lists, which drastically lowers the price.
  • An Easily Accessible and Convenient List- Because it comes as a Microsoft Excel File, it can easily be sorted in numeric or alphabetic order in the columns provided. This way you can easily separate contact by the required zip codes, cities or state you wish to target. You will see in the table below the columns available and an approximate number of complete details for that column (as a percentage).

*This table shows an average taken from all our lists, each list may vary slightly from these percentages.

Column Quantity Full
Business Name  
Business Category 98%
Address 97%
City 99%
State 99%
Zip 99%
Phone 97%
Fax 2%
Email 1 7%
Website 40%
Sub Category 1 42%
Sub Category 2 26%













The Marketing Possibilities Are Endless- Where Do You Fit It?

This Businesses Contact Database contains all of our American contacts available in the Business sector. If you need to instantly build up a database of contacts, this is an ideal platform to get started. Our lists reflect many different industries and are used by many different industries. Our lists are commonly used by industries such as:

  • Office Supplies (both Stationary and Furniture)
  • Recruitment and Staffing Agencies
  • Safety Assessors for OH&S
  • Legal Services
  • Investors
  • Market Researchers
  • Banks and Lenders
  • Advertisers and Media
  • Software Companies
  • Computer and Printing Equipment Supplies
  • Among Many Others!


And commonly bought by the following people:

  • Sales and Account Managers
  • Company Owners
  • New Businesses and Start-ups
  • Sole Proprietors such as Tradesman, Professionals and Contractors
  • Marketing Executives
  • Mail Centers
  • Government Sectors


How This Works:

After your payment is processed, we will send an automated email with 15 minutes. This email will be your Tax Invoice, which show the list or lists you bought with a Download Link beside it. Just click on the link and save the file where you can access it later and back it up on your own computer or hard drive.

If the email hasn’t arrived in 15 minutes, check the Spam/Junk Folder. If not available there, visit our website and use Log In to your account with the email you used, we save your purchase information to this account in case emails cannot get through to you.


An Offer You’ll Appreciate

We have an extensive database of all types of US businesses that you can use to further your marketing efforts.  All you have to do is just pick which list you want, order it and it arrives instantaneously by digital download via our website. We are also giving you the chance to test out a sample list which you can get right away by clicking below.


List of Businesses in USA - Free Sample


If you’re ready to buy a full list, give our lists a try today, so that you can connect with businesses and gain more customers! Just click on the button below to order!



We provide our most up to date Businesses List, which is current from January 2016. The information provided has been acquired from sources such as Online Directories, Phone Books and various public records. We rely on the fact that these sources are correct, so our accuracy is reflective of our information sources.

If you intend to use any marketing lists for bulk email, you should know about Americas’ Can Spam Act, here is an guideline to it -

There are many options to purchase or obtain bulk emails, many of which could possibly leave you open to hefty fines if you are found in Breach of the Anti Spam Laws. Purchasing bulk emails do not give you exclusive rights to Spam the recipients. It pays to know the rules and follow them. You will have a far greater success rate if you call the businesses and ask for their email and permission to send them your business details. Core List Pty Ltd is not responsible for the messages you send using information provided by us, the responsibility falls on the sender of the email.


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    I bought the Businesses list to talk to as many as I can where I could offer my services. It was cheap but then I was just really hoping that they could provide more emails. It was still a good buy for me but please do improve your lists. Thanks!Well buy more in the future.

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    It has all the categories they have available. It's a great value, I just wish they could compile more emails. BUt other than that, everything is fine.

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    A must Have

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Nov 2014

    I am a business owner and having a well research database is a must have to us. We are so happy we bought the Business List as it got all the business category that we obviously need here in New York. It saves time and energy. Thanks a lot.

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