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The painting industry is one of the most varied in the whole of the USA, and we cover people from larger cities such as Atlanta to small residential circuits that you might never have even heard of. Regardless, we deliver a system that is easy to follow and will help you really get in touch with you long-term prospects and aspirations.

The Painters Core List has 247,318 listings for Painters in the USA across each and every state.Below is the list of our comprehensive list of Painters in USA. This database contains newest and updated information as of July 2021 and the file is delivered in Microsoft Excel file format.

Our information is kept up to date with the latest public records such as  web and phone directories.We ensure we gather as much accessible information as possible.

The table below gives a full breakdown of businesses for Painters in each State and Zipcode.

Categories Categories Count State State Count
Automobile Body Repairing & Painting 88289 Blank 0
Boat Painting & Lettering 238 AK 451
Faux Painting & Finishing 7298 AL 2871
Hand Painting & Decorating 2597 AR 1581
Lead Paint Detection & Removal 1023 AZ 4019
Paint 14001 CA 27160
Paint Manufacturing Equipment & Supplies 3067 CO 5505
Paint Removing 2409 CT 4209
Painters Equipment & Supplies 6218 DC 202
Painting Contractors 92493 DE 839
Painting Contractors-Commercial & Industrial 12131 FL 18660
Painting-Production 1225 GA 7712
Paint-Wholesale & Manufacturers 4332 HI 824
Spray Painting & Finishing 2725 IA 1770
Truck Body Repair & Painting 5316 ID 976
Truck Painting & Lettering 3956 IL 11192
    IN 4711
Emails Count 121968 KS 2043
Emails Missing 125350 KY 2345
Phone Count 246999 LA 3016
Geo_coordinates Count 128031 MA 7189
Website Count 139380 MD 4618
Address Count 220031 ME 730
Years_in_business Count 247318 MI 7627
    MN 4085
    MO 4303
    MS 1271
    MT 605
    NC 7932
    ND 366
    NE 1531
    NH 1175
    NJ 7732
    NM 836
    NV 1568
    NY 11626
    OH 9000
    OK 2192
    OR 3668
    PA 11722
    RI 925
    SC 2975
    SD 518
    TN 3958
    TX 17311
    UT 1725
    VA 5597
    VT 402
    WA 5917
    WI 4715
    WV 487
    WY 98


The Columns of data included are as follows.

Business name
Additional phones
Additional sites
Zip code
Geo coordinates
Years in business
Areas Serviced
BBB rating

This is our current Painters List as of July 2021. It is based on the accuracy of public records like phone and web directories, so if the source of the data is up to date, so is ours. 

We will guarantee the accuracy of this information. We work very hard to keep up with public records in order to maintain up to date information in our database. Accuracy is subject to the accuracy of our sources. We are very careful in selecting the sources for our information, however, leaving us very confident that we are providing you with the most accurate data available.

We will not send you a physical copy of this product. Once you complete your purchase and we receive your payment, we will send you an email. This email will contain your invoice, as well as a link to download the Excel file. If you have made your payment and still haven't received an email from us, please check your Junk Folder before contacting us. We are more than happy to resend the email if for any reason it does not go through. Adding us to your contact list will help ensure that we are not deleted by your Spam filter.

Please do keep Anti-Spam Laws in mind when using this product. Sending bulk emails without the consent of business owners can result in you incurring fines.  


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    Posted by unknown on 25th Jul 2014

    I have used this when I was in New Jersey.