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A list of Farmers and Ranchers within the USA can be beneficial to your business in many ways. You can establish a mailing list of potential clients across the 50 states for the purposes of selling products to them and benefiting from them in various other ways.

This is our current List as of January 2018

List of Farmers and Ranches in USA - Free Sample

We supply the most comprehensive list of farmers and ranches in United States. However, we have also provided some links as an alternative to our database.

For the free and up to date list from Allpages - American Farmers and Ranches

CNG is another provider that provides a Farmers and Ranches Directory.

A downloadable spreadsheet is the Farmers and Ranches Summary. This will give you the total number from our Farmers and Ranches database in each State and Zipcode. See the table below for state, email and category totals.

Category Category Count Row Labels State Count Email Count Emails Missing
Aquaculture 6 AK 9 272 3972
Farm Management Service 19 AL 30    
Farming Service 9 AR 28    
Farms 124 AZ 53    
Fish Farms 1 CA 1583    
Fish Hatcheries 14 CO 77    
Fruit & Vegetable Growers & Shippers 118 CT 33    
Game Farms 1 DC 2    
Livestock Breeders 325 DE 9    
Livestock Dealers 101 FL 97    
Orchards 45 GA 30    
Orchid Growers 2 HI 5    
Poultry Farms 8 IA 59    
Poultry Hatcheries 2 ID 34    
Poultry Services 3 IL 83    
Ranches 357 IN 48    
Wineries 3109 KS 37    
    KY 38    
    LA 17    
    MA 72    
    MD 68    
    ME 6    
    MI 95    
    MN 23    
    MO 96    
    MS 9    
    MT 62    
    NC 71    
    ND 7    
    NE 34    
    NH 16    
    NJ 43    
    NM 42    
    NV 8    
    NY 229    
    OH 89    
    OK 49    
    OR 19   <span style="font-size: small; fo


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    Thank you!

    Posted by Andre Bo on 17th Feb 2015

    Buying the list of Farmers and Ranches has saved me heaps of time and the website was so easy to use as well as the download link they send when transaction is processed. Found good clients here in Saint Louis and Paxton.

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    above average

    Posted by unknown on 2nd Jul 2014

    It exceeded a little bit of my expectation. Overall, great work.