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Electricians throughout the USA can provide an array of marketing and sales opportunities to you. There is a database containing 286,026  Electricians across the United States.

The List of Electricians in the United States Of America is a database list of 286,026 Electricians whose contact details are from all of the States across the United States of America.Effortlessly gain new contacts, which in turn will provide new business opportunities with our Electricians  List.We supply the most comprehensive list of  Electricians in states of the U.S. We have a database of  Electricians in our database and include all states and territories.

It contains the most updated information as of July 2021. We bring together our information from public sources, such as business directories that are in both print and online. Depending on these sources make our list as reliable as those sources.We supply the most comprehensive list of Electricians and the file is delivered in Microsoft Excel file format

The table below gives a full breakdown of businesses for Electricians in each State and Zipcode.

Categories Categories Count State State Count
Cable & Satellite Television 21480 Blank 0
Cable Splicing 403 AK 484
Computer Cable & Wire Installation 5126 AL 3539
Conduit & Fittings-Electric 85 AR 2044
Connectors-Electric 110 AZ 4447
Electric Companies 18808 CA 34512
Electric Contractors-Commercial & Industrial 53907 CO 5648
Electric Equipment & Supplies 12281 CT 5098
Electric Equipment & Supplies-Wholesale & Manufacturers 12910 DC 380
Electric Equipment Repair & Service 11330 DE 1014
Electric Equipment-Testing 471 FL 19212
Electric Equipment-Used 35 GA 7936
Electric Fuses 444 HI 1011
Electrical Engineers 5122 IA 2225
Electrical Power Systems-Maintenance 5639 ID 1203
Electrical Wire Harnesses 301 IL 10605
Electricians 115793 IN 5095
Satellite & Cable TV Equipment & Systems 11974 KS 2282
Satellite & Cable TV Equipment & Systems Repair & Service 2291 KY 3362
Switches-Electric 323 LA 4597
Telephone & Television Cable Contractors 1694 MA 7674
Utilities Underground Cable 1037 MD 5557
Wire & Cable-Electric 3616 ME 1771
Wire & Cable-Non-Electric 846 MI 7200
    MN 3936
Emails Count 107043 MO 4145
Emails Missing 178983 MS 1659
Phone Count 285834 MT 1021
Geo_coordinates Count 143778 NC 8927
Website Count 173720 ND 582
Address Count 246897 NE 1484
Years_in_business Count 286026 NH 1386
    NJ 9603
    NM 1585
    NV 1868
    NY 17483
    OH 8541
    OK 2821
    OR 3033
    PA 13232
    RI 795
    SC 3236
    SD 539
    TN 4725
    TX 20493
    UT 1972
    VA 5608
    VT 434
    WA 6031
    WI 4455
    WV 1145
    WY 276


The Columns of data included are as follows.

Business name
Additional phones
Additional sites
Zip code
Geo coordinates
Years in business
Areas Serviced
BBB rating

Once payment is received, our system will send you an email automatically which will be a Tax Invoice and will have a link to download the file. We do not send physical copies. Please check your Junk Folder after payment if you didn't receive the email. 

This contact database of Electricians in USA is available for instant download from this website. It is supplied as a Microsoft Excel file.

Please be aware of Anti-Spam Laws before using bulk email lists. Other providers selling bulk emails are usually not supposed to do so. Buying an email list off another provider can often leave you open to fines if you bulk email the contacts without consent off the email owner.


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    I find the Electricians database incomplete because I could only find few electricians listed in Florida area. Been expecting more on this but thanks still.

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