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Add in the 87 spots found in California as a whole, and you’ll be able to really see just how big the appetite is for this kind of sport here in the USA.This is our current Surf Shops List as of July 2021 and it comes in a downloadable file that is delivered in a Microsoft excel Spreadsheet.

This package gives you access to surfing stores from all across the USA, with 12,840 surf shops in total. These stores come from surfing hotspots such as New Jersey, Malibu and Virginia Beach. All of these stores can be contacted to help you build up a new list of reliable surf store contacts for future networking and selling. This package is ideal for anyone involved in roles such as;

  • Sales Teams
  • Inventors/Product Creators
  • Mailing & Data Teams
  • Government Third-Party Agencies
  • Newstart Businesses
  • Surfing Bloggers & Freelancers
  • Business Directors

Everything that you receive in this package has been organized and prepared in a simple to use Microsoft Excel Document, ensuring that you can find all the information you need.

The table below gives a full breakdown of businesses for Surf Shops in each State and Zipcode.

Categories Categories Count State State Count
Ice Skating Rinks 641 Blank 0
Skate Sharpening 50 AK 39
Skateboard Parks & Rinks 69 AL 44
Skateboards & Equipment 1558 AR 33
Skating Equipment & Supplies 1078 AZ 102
Skating Instruction & Clubs 162 CA 2528
Skating Rinks 891 CO 1083
Ski Centers & Resorts 524 CT 126
Ski Equipment & Snowboard Rentals 1478 DC 2
Ski Instruction 38 DE 41
Skiing Equipment 2036 FL 819
Snowboards 654 GA 158
Snowmobiles 956 HI 338
Snowmobiles-Parts & Accessories 264 IA 43
Snowmobiles-Repairing & Service 337 ID 162
Surfboards 1460 IL 348
Surfing Instructions 273 IN 103
Water Skiing Equipment & Supplies 268 KS 40
Water Skiing Instruction 41 KY 50
Windsurfing Equipment 62 LA 48
    MA 344
Emails Count 7387 MD 109
Emails Missing 5453 ME 81
Phone Count 12829 MI 696
Geo_coordinates Count 6197 MN 477
Website Count 9894 MO 83
Address Count 12537 MS 26
Years_in_business Count 12840 MT 134
    NC 303
    ND 12
    NE 37
    NH 109
    NJ 286
    NM 71
    NV 98
    NY 693
    OH 361
    OK 40
    OR 155
    PA 443
    RI 32
    SC 98
    SD 29
    TN 90
    TX 280
    UT 435
    VA 153
    VT 145
    WA 345
    WI 401
    WV 2
    WY 44


The Columns of data included are as follows.

Business name
Additional phones
Additional sites
Zip code
Geo coordinates
Years in business
Areas Serviced
BBB rating

This is our current Surf Shops List as of July 2021. It is based on the accuracy of public records like phone and web directories, so if the source of the data is up to date, so is ours. 

We will guarantee the accuracy of this information. We work very hard to keep up with public records in order to maintain up to date information in our database. Accuracy is subject to the accuracy of our sources. We are very careful in selecting the sources for our information, however, leaving us very confident that we are providing you with the most accurate data available.

We will not send you a physical copy of this product. Once you complete your purchase and we receive your payment, we will send you an email. This email will contain your invoice, as well as a link to download the Excel file. If you have made your payment and still haven't received an email from us, please check your Junk Folder before contacting us. We are more than happy to resend the email if for any reason it does not go through. Adding us to your contact list will help ensure that we are not deleted by your Spam filter.

Please do keep Anti-Spam Laws in mind when using this product. Sending bulk emails without the consent of business owners can result in you incurring fines. 


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    A great tool to boost a businessman's contact database.