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The landscaping industry is an important part of keeping businesses across the country looking presentable and attractive. America is known all over the world for its meticulously trimmed and maintained landscapes that surround convention centers, hotels, hospitals, administrative buildings and other important landmarks throughout the country. 

This is our current Landscapers List as of July 2021 and it comes in a downloadable file that is delivered in a Microsoft excel Spreadsheet with 375,471 contact details.

The database is ideal when you are looking to build contacts around the country. You can choose how many you actually contact based upon where they are located and what they have to offer.

The table below gives a full breakdown of businesses for Landscapers in each State and Zipcode.

Categories Categories Count State State Count
Botanical Gardens 1068 Blank 0
Fountains Garden 1469 AK 486
Garden Centers 19466 AL 4792
Garden Ornaments 408 AR 2187
Gardeners 16693 AZ 6139
Lakes & Water Gardens Construction 2466 CA 37775
Landscape Contractors 106074 CO 7804
Landscape Designers & Consultants 56485 CT 7638
Landscaping & Lawn Services 98629 DC 154
Landscaping Equipment & Supplies 31634 DE 1442
Lawn & Garden Equipment & Supplies 18596 FL 30895
Lawn & Garden Equipment & Supplies Renting 721 GA 11219
Lawn & Garden Equipment & Supplies-Wholesale & Manufacturers 3774 HI 1326
Lawn & Garden Furnishings 646 IA 2413
Sprinklers-Garden & Lawn 17156 ID 2004
Sprinklers-Garden & Lawn-Wholesale & Manufacturers 186 IL 14193
    IN 6895
Emails Count 176865 KS 2553
Emails Missing 198606 KY 2949
Phone Count 375234 LA 3709
Geo_coordinates Count 186398 MA 11952
Website Count 208876 MD 6210
Address Count 324904 ME 1272
Years_in_business Count 375471 MI 13792
    MN 6827
    MO 6030
    MS 1619
    MT 1562
    NC 12680
    ND 556
    NE 2668
    NH 2207
    NJ 15717
    NM 1397
    NV 2637
    NY 15818
    OH 14413
    OK 3138
    OR 5625
    PA 17989
    RI 1501
    SC 5439
    SD 741
    TN 6305
    TX 21583
    UT 2876
    VA 7850
    VT 490
    WA 9176
    WI 7087
    WV 542
    WY 273


The Columns of data included are as follows.

Business name
Additional phones
Additional sites
Zip code
Geo coordinates
Years in business
Areas Serviced
BBB rating

This is our current Landscapers List as of July 2021. It is based on the accuracy of public records like phone and web directories, so if the source of the data is up to date, so is ours. 

We will guarantee the accuracy of this information. We work very hard to keep up with public records in order to maintain up to date information in our database. Accuracy is subject to the accuracy of our sources. We are very careful in selecting the sources for our information, however, leaving us very confident that we are providing you with the most accurate data available.

We will not send you a physical copy of this product. Once you complete your purchase and we receive your payment, we will send you an email. This email will contain your invoice, as well as a link to download the Excel file. If you have made your payment and still haven't received an email from us, please check your Junk Folder before contacting us. We are more than happy to resend the email if for any reason it does not go through. Adding us to your contact list will help ensure that we are not deleted by your Spam filter.

Please do keep Anti-Spam Laws in mind when using this product. Sending bulk emails without the consent of business owners can result in you incurring fines. 


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