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The List of Dentists in USA is a database of 577,208 Dentists contact details from all of the States across the United States of America.It contains the most updated information as of July 2021 .Information is supplied as a Microsoft Excel file so it compatible with most business databases.This database reflects the most current Dentists List .

The table below gives a full breakdown of businesses for Dentists in each State and Zipcode.

Categories Categories Count State State Count
Cosmetic Dentistry 77173 Blank 0
Dental Clinics 57929 AK 1198
Dental Equipment & Supplies 5887 AL 6090
Dental Equipment-Repairing & Refinishing 255 AR 3840
Dental Hygienists 49833 AZ 11269
Dental Insurance 6198 CA 80207
Dental Labs 33255 CO 11066
Dental Schools 234 CT 10291
Dentists 168737 DC 1226
Dentists Referral & Information Service 1749 DE 1367
Implant Dentistry 54400 FL 38686
Medical & Dental Assistants & Technicians Schools 2767 GA 15804
Medical & Dental X-Ray Labs 5266 HI 2720
Orthodontists 61768 IA 4430
Teeth Whitening Products & Services 51757 ID 3009
    IL 28252
Emails Count 4936 IN 12662
Emails Missing 572272 KS 4067
Phone Count 577093 KY 5961
Geo_coordinates Count 340004 LA 5959
Website Count 470396 MA 16657
Address Count 572134 MD 11189
Years_in_business Count 577208 ME 1684
    MI 20436
    MN 10544
    MO 9405
    MS 2666
    MT 936
    NC 15413
    ND 681
    NE 2744
    NH 3131
    NJ 19995
    NM 2169
    NV 4593
    NY 32437
    OH 21271
    OK 5620
    OR 8261
    PA 25143
    RI 1727
    SC 8088
    SD 796
    TN 10883
    TX 37937
    UT 6002
    VA 15056
    VT 874
    WA 15034
    WI 11686
    WV 1898
    WY 352


The Columns of data included are as follows.

Business name
Additional phones
Additional sites
Zip code
Geo coordinates
Years in business
Areas Serviced
BBB rating

The List of Dentists in the USA can do all this for you. Our list contains the names, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, websites, city, state, and email that we guarantee are doing business with companies like yours. Each company has agreed to be placed on the list and is willing to be contacted by your company. 

So what could you possibly do with a list like this? Does making more money appeal to you? The List of Dentists in the USA is your ticket to reliable new contacts.

Our list is an Excel document that can be sorted by any of the criteria you select. The data is guaranteed to be 99 percent accurate on the day that you download the List of Dentists in the USA.

Getting the List of Dentists in the USA is simple. Fill out the pertinent details and payment method on one form. Download the list in less than a minute. You get the invoice and tax information by email immediately after you order. That means you start making more money with new clients today just by using the List of Dentists in the USA. 

This is our current Dentists List as of July 2021. It is based on the accuracy of public records like phone and web directories, so if the source of the data is up to date, so is ours.

Please be aware of Anti-Spam Laws before using bulk email lists. Other providers selling bulk emails are usually not supposed to do so. Buying an email list off another provider can often leave you open to fines if you bulk email the contacts without consent off the email owner.


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